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Office Manager & Association Affairs

Lori Hogan has served as Office Manager at Federico // Duerst Consulting since 2013. She utilizes a tech-focused approach to address a constant stream of diverse matters quickly and effectively. Lori draws on her attention to detail and proficient time-management skills to overcome the Legislative unpredictability and ensure that the Office is consistently in the best position to address issues effectively. 


Lori is involved in nearly every aspect of the office duties. Her primary duty is office management; where she oversees scheduling, communication, and administrative services of daily office operations. Additionally, Lori specializes in multifaceted Association management, she handles both administrative and financial aspects for member Associations; often taking the lead through direct communication with members across the State and Country.


Lori’s duties extend far beyond administrative work. She is responsible for managing a complex and fluid schedule, effectively communicating any pertinent changes. In addition, she maintains relationships with various clients, legislators, and others.  Lori served as a guiding force in the organization and execution of Leadership Kansas events for over seven years.


Lori is a proud Topeka resident, establishing herself as a friendly face in the local community. She was honored to have participated in the Eisenhower Excellence in Public Service Series, graduating in the class of 2021. In her free time, Lori enjoys refining her passion for photography, Karate, and kickboxing. Lori lives in Topeka with her Aunt and takes pride in sharing the various tech projects engineered by her adult son. 

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